The Gus Mills Gallery

Commissioning a Painting
Why commission a painting?
      You would like to give a special painting as a present or presentation gift.
      You would like a painting of your house or of a particular location.
      You would like a lasting portrait of your dog, cat or other animal.
      You like the style of paintings but the size or exact view isn't available when you visit the studio, come to the market  or look on-line.
Firstly ...... discuss your ideas with the artist. This can be in person or over the phone, or by sending a contact message by e-mail.
Together you will agree the basic idea and you will be quoted the cost depending on the size and complexity of your required project.
Depending on the circumstance you might bring existing photographs to share with the artist or as part of the process Gus will take his own shots. Sometimes the client might indicate specific locations or if the circumstances dictate photographs can be taken very discretely - surprise presents !
It is usual to pay a deposit of approximately one third of the quoted cost at this stage.
The next part of the process is for the artist to make sketches of the subject matter if required or necessary.
Again there is discussion either from the photos or sketches to decide on the final format of the image. Remember although basically rectangular paintings can also be tall and thin or letterbox style, often designed to fill a particular wall space.  
Occasionally it is really difficult to decide on a particular view or image of a pet. There is an answer to this dilema. A montage painting, usually of five images is created, satisfying everybodies ideas. This works particularly well with animals enabling the artist to capture the many characters of your pet.
Now it is time for the artist to create your very personalised painting. Advice will be given to suitable framing and mounting.
The painting is finished and the time comes to pay the agreed price.
There are very many satisfied customers all over the country, so why not commission something entirely unique and remember artists enjoy a challenge !!